Crazy for 2014 World Cup of Brazil--Fifa1314 Great Promotion

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Crazy for 2014 World Cup of Brazil--Fifa1314 Great Promotion

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2014 World Cup of Brazil is around the conner, so do you really prepare very well to be a master-hand pro in fifa14 game and for its arrival and high with WC 2014? prepares a great promotion for all of awesome fifa gamers and fans!
During Jun,2nd .2014 to Jun 8th.2014, if you come to, you will get: [url=][/url]
1, Register Member. If you register on our site to be a new member of our site,you'll get a 5% discount code sent to you via email (code valid time June 2nd-June 17th,2014)
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2, Presenting Gifts. In this promotion activity, if you place an order up to $100, we’ll send you an 8% free discount code as a gift via email once your order is approvable!
(Per customer per code and the code is 5 times valid)
3, Price off. Up to 10% price off. Order is above $150, can get 10 discount code
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Come on, the chance don't come often in a season, now or never! Let’s crazy for 2014 World Cup of Brazil and buy fifa14 coins from and make your ever legends team!